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9+1 quiet Greek islands - Unknown Greece (2024)

Updated: Mar 28

A beautiful view of Greek the sea
A beautiful view of the sea, Source: Pixabay


  1. Ikaria

  2. Tilos

  3. Kalymnos

  4. Telendos

  5. Pserimos

  6. Anafi

  7. Alonisos

  8. Lipsi

  9. Gavdos

  10. Kasos

Exploring the best quiet greek islands

"If you take Greece apart, In the end you will be left with an olive tree, a vineyard and a boat, which means that with these items you can rebuild it".

-Odysseas Elytis, Nobel Prize for Literature, 1979

Travelers from all over the world are attracted to Greece for its breathtaking islands. While popular destinations like Santorini and Mykonos are undoubtedly stunning, there are lesser-known Greek islands that offer a serene and tranquil experience, accompanied by stunning views and unique opportunities.

Whether you are looking for family holidays in greece, the best greek islands for couples or groups of friends, this is the guide for you.

So grab your bags and get ready to enjoy the best quiet Greek islands

1. Ikaria

Named after the legendary Icarus and Daedalus, Ikaria is renowned for its slow-paced and tranquil way of life. It is a beautiful island on the north of the Aegean Sea, filled with verdant mountains and azure blue seas . It also home to natural hot springs of shallow waters , famous for their therapeutic properties.

In this captivating island, one can enjoy the beauty of unspoiled nature and traditional settlements. The locals are extremely kind, generous and welcoming, making you feel like home. After all, once you go to Ikaria, it does become a part of you.

Ikaria Hora
Lemonakis Antonis/Shuttershotck

Moreover, Ikaria is among the greek islands with airports , meaning it can be easily reached from athens too. Its accessibility, as well as It's tranquil and laid-back atmosphere make it one of the best greek island for families and for people who want to stay away from the hustle and bustle of more popular islands.

2. Tilos

Tillos is the tiniest island in the Dodecanese group, but it's the Mediterranean's initial eco-friendly "green" island. It is also home to remote golden beaches, mountains, caves and a cultural heritage that dates back to the prehistorical era. Rare bird species inhabit this area and observers can quietly watch them in one of the rock islands surrounding Tillos.

Livadia port on Tilos Island, Greece
"Livadia port on Tilos Island, Greece",AegeanPhoto / Alamy Stock Photo

Interestingly, there is an abandoned village on the island called “Mikro Horio” that offers an amazing view of castle ruins, cobbled streets and Byzantine churches with ancient frescoes.

The ruins of "Mikro Horio"
The ruins of "Mikro Horio"

This small greek island is ideal for both history and nature lovers. One can relish Tilos' serene charm while exploring historic sites and islan'd hiking trails.

Tilos Eristos Beach
"Tilos Eristos Beach", by Athanasia Pastrikou,Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0, Avalaible in Wikimedia Commons Library

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3. Kalymnos

Kalymnos is a paradise for those seeking an authentic Greek experience. Like Tillos, it is part of the Dodecanese Complex too. Its serene ambiance involves caves, immense rocks, ancient and byzantine ruins and, of course, a coastline that is full of bays, coves and quiet beaches waiting to be discovered. Kalymnos covers the needs both of the curious and laid-back spirits as well.

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Monastery of Agios Savvas, Pothia, Kalymnos
"Monastery of Agios Savvas, Pothia, Kalymnos, Greece", by photobac, Getty Images

Kalymnos Sektor Palace
"Kalymnos Sektor Palace", by gertrudis2010,licenced under:CC BY-SA 3.0,Avalaible in Wikimedia Commons Library

Telendos and Pserimos

Are you ready for greek island hoping holidays ? These tiny islands are at a very close proximity to Kalymnos. They seem to me, as a vocal remnant to by-gone eras, or maybe, worlds different than ours. But then again, they are here - right now, and they can be explored in a day trip.

4. Telendos

Telendos was a part of Kalymnos. However, due to a strong earthquake, the two areas separated back in the 6th century AC. The island is home to unbelievable sceneries that can be explored either by a boat, or on foot, since there are no roads. There are however, well-paved paths that lead to chapels, pebbly beaches and ancient ruins.

Port on Telendos
"Port on Telendos", by cunfek, GettyImages

Staircase descending to the chapel of Agios Georgios, island of Telendos, Dodecanese archipelago, Greece
Staircase descending to the chapel of Agios Georgios, island of Telendos, Dodecanese archipelago, Greece, by Yvan Tessier, GettyImages

5. Pserimos

Pserimos is even smaller than its sibling, Telendos. Yet, its beauty remains the same. Here, one will find small houses, chapels, off-shore taverns and the never-ending charms of nature, including quiet beaches and steep mountains.

Pserimos Island
"Pserimos Island", by Ismail Touaf, Gettyimages

Panorama from Pserimos, Greece
"Panorama from Pserimos, Greece", by Kallerna, licenced under CC BY-SA 3, Avalaible in Wikimedia Commons Library

From Kalymnos not only will you be able to visit the afore-mentioned islands, but the island has an airort as too, so it can be easily accessed.

6. Anafi

Anafi is a small cycladic island close to the renowned Santorini. It remains however, a tranquil and an unknown to many destinations. Anafi came from the Aegean Sea to help the Argonauts, as ordered by Apollo in mythology.

Anafi, Greece
"Anafi, Greece", by milangonda, Gettyimages

This beautiful island offers turquoise waters, sandy beaches, steep mountains and a multitude of hiking trails. In fact, In Anafi rises the imposing Kalamos (altitude 480 m.), the second highest monolith after Gibraltar. The view that arises from Kalamos is unforgettable!

Kalamos rock view from Anafi's Chora village
"Kalamos rock view from Anafi's Chora village", by PANAGIOTIS LAMPRAKIS , Gettyimages

7. Alonisos

Alonissos is an island with a myriad of beautiful beaches and small uninhabited islets. This beautiful place serves as a refuge for rare birds and primarily for the Mediterranean monk seal, Monachus-monachus. In fact , visitors have the opportunity to explore the Marine Park, covering a total area of 2,200 square kilometers.

Patitiri, Alonisos
"Patitiri, Alonisos", by Aetherial, Gettyimages pro

Alonissos was also one of the first Aegean islands to be inhabited and the island contains interesting archaeological sites. The Neolithic settlement at Cape «Kokkinokastro» and “Lura” where the human presence reaches as far as the 9th millennium BC, are important places to visit

Filled with important natural and archaeological sites, this island offers opportunities for relaxation and adventures as well!

Amazing beach of Kokkinokastro with orange sand in Alonnisos island, Sporades
"Amazing beach of Kokkinokastro with orange sand in Alonnisos island, Sporades, Greece", by Gatsi, Gettyimages

8. Lipsi

Tucked away in the Dodecanese archipelago, Lipsi is a hidden gem with unspoiled beauty. This small island is blessed with secluded beaches, crystal-clear waters, and a laid-back atmosphere. One can Enjoy leisurely walks through the traditional village, visit the "Panagia of Haros" monastery, and soak up the sun on the picturesque "Platis Gialos" and "Hohlakoura" beaches.

This quiet island is the perfect destination for a serene getaway, offering opportunities to swim in the sea, dine in charming taverns, and explore the island on leisurely walks.

Church, Lipsi Island, Dodecanese, Greece
"Church, Lipsi Island, Dodecanese, Greece", by Yvan Tessier, Getty Images

Greece, Lipsi Island
"Greece, Lipsi Island", by fotofritz16, Getty Images

9. Gavdos

Away from the hustle and bustle of bigger islands, there comes Gavdos, which is located in the southernmost part of Europe. The views that this small island offers are unbelievable. Untouched mountains stand next to quiet beaches and steep rocks offer refuge to wild birds, sea-turtles and seals.

The tropical beach of Tripiti at the southern point of Gavdos island and Europe too
"The tropical beach of Tripiti at the southern point of Gavdos island and Europe too, with the famous giant wooden chair, Greece", Gatsi, Gettyimages

One would say that this is the island that belongs to hermits and free campers, but this place offers some truly beautiful apartments too. There are also a few shops, as well as taverns that provide tasteful local dishes. Apart from that, this is the place where, according to Homer, Kalypso met Odysseus.

The tropical beach of Tripiti at the southern point of Gavdos island and Europe too, with the famous giant wooden chair, Greece
The tropical beach of Tripiti at the southern point of Gavdos island and Europe too, with the famous giant wooden chair, Greece", Gatsi, Gettyimages

Gavdos, potamos beach from Ambellos path
Gavdos, potamos beach from Ambellos path

10. Kasos

A little bigger than Gavdos, but still an untouched Greek beauty, there stands Kasos. It is the southernmost island of the Dodecanese complex, and its history runs backs to thousands of years. Infact, this quiet island offers an interesting collection from the prehistoric to the roman era.

Kasos is ideal for relaxing and quiet vacations, offering great views into the azure waters, small taverns and welcoming people.

The port in Fry
"The port in Fry", by Frente, Under the license: CC BY-SA 2.0 de,Avalaible in Wikimedia Commons Library

Notably, there is a plethora of festivals that take place all year round and offer a look into the island’s culture. It's also important to mention that Kasos can be reached by an aeroplane too, making the journey fast and comfortable.

A pictureque Alley in Fri
"A pictureque Alley in Fri", by Vasileiadis33 , Under the license: CC BY-SA 4.0 ,Avalaible in Wikimedia Commons Library

Last Thoughts

As you venture through these tranquil havens, you'll find a peaceful escape away from the typical tourist paths. These lesser-known Greek islands, like scattered jewels in the Aegean sea, create a story of serene beauty, rich history, and unspoiled nature. From the soothing hot springs of Ikaria to the rugged embrace of Tilos, each island shares its tales of ancient times and untamed landscapes.


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