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Discover the 5 Best Sunscreens Under Makeup - Non Greasy without leaving a white cast!

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

Are you tired of sacrificing sun protection for flawless makeup? Because we certainly do. Look no further! We have curated a list of the best sunscreens that not only shield your skin from harmful UV rays but also provide the perfect base for your makeup.

Say goodbye to greasy formulas and white cast, as our top picks are lightweight, non-greasy, and blend seamlessly into your skin, allowing your makeup to stay put throughout the day. Our top picks come from personal experience and reviews about the specific products.

So! let's dive in and discover the best sunscreens that will revolutionize your makeup routine!

This unique formula, and my personal favourite, provides a velvety feel and a long-lasting matte finish. It effectively absorbs excess oil, reduces wrinkles, and leaves no white residue. Also, its light-weight and velvety feel, make it an ideal product for reapplication above your makeup.

Sunscreen under makeup: Protect your skin with SPF while achieving a flawless makeup look

According to Simone:

"Feels so good when applying and doesn't leave that oily finish like most sunscreens."

Check it out:

This is a lightweight and invisible sunscreen that seamlessly blends onto your skin. Its formula is enriched with non-nano Zinc Oxide and eliminates thick, white residue. Also, it is enriched with mushroom extract and hence alleviates redness caused by the sun. And a fun extra is that it also offers blue light protection. Last but not least, it's Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive ones!

Sunscreen for seamless makeup: Shield your skin with SPF while ensuring a flawless makeup application

According to Berryl:

"Great product

I try to use Dermologica products only, so I was happy last year to try this sunscreen and like it. I don't like the feeling of lotions "sitting" on my face. Many sunscreens create that feeling, but invisible physical defense does not. It blends into my skin beautifully and works well. I am happy to keep using it."

Check it out:

This is an 100% mineral sunscreen. Its broad-spectrum UV filters safeguard your skin while providing soothing and calming benefits. Most importantly, the ultra-lightweight formula absorbs quickly without leaving any white residue, making it an ideal choice as a makeup base.

Ultimate sun protection for makeup lovers: SPF-infused sunscreen that enhances your flawless makeup look

According to Jolie:


Love this stuff!! Absolutely blends in, no white look. Highly recommend it."

Check it out:

This invisible, Non-Perfumed formula is the ultimate sunscreen for sensitive skin. With advanced UV filters, it provides broad-spectrum protection against UVB, UVA, and ultra-long UVA rays. In addition, it is water and sand-resistant, non-greasy, and leaves no white marks, exactly what one would want as a makeup base.

Sunscreen under makeup: Achieve a radiant complexion with long-lasting sun protection

According to Ria:

"Love I always repurchase this product, it is so good and lightweight on the skin."

Check it out:

This innovative sunscreen formula provides hydration, fades dark spots, smooths pores, and defends against pollution. Its ingedients include Kalahari Melon for hydration, Niacinamide to fight shine and reduce pores and dark spots, and Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe to hydrate and soothe. Lastly, it doesn't pill under makeup, and blends seamlessly with our skin tone.

Sunscreen for a flawless makeup base: SPF-infused protection for a seamless and long-lasting makeup application

According to Haley:

"Amazing product

I love this product, it’s very lightweight and I use it every morning as both face sunscreen and moisturiser. Zero skin problems, and no white residue of any sort. Highly recommend and definitely worth the money."

Check it out:


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